Is Hair Spa Good or Bad for your hair?


Everyone loves healthy hair. Hair spa is, in fact, the first and perhaps the last best treatment for dull and lifeless hair. Apart from treating dull and brittle hair, hair spa promises to treat common hair problems such as hair loss, damaged hair, split ends, dandruff etc. Here is why it has emerged as one of the ideal hair treatments for all ages:

Hair spa treatments condition the hair enough to leave hair without split ends and dry hair. They gradually settle issues with hair loss, baldness, dandruff and more.

Hair spa conditions the scalp and leaves it free from any pollutants or chemicals that seep deep into the hair from the use of chemical hair products and pollution in the air.

The hair massages that hair spa treatment embodies stimulate the flow of blood and therefore, strengthen the nerves that are present in the scalp area.

Hair spa normalizes the secretion of oil; this helps to keep the level of oil in the hair controlled.

Hair spa stimulates the circulation of blood in the scalp and increases the metabolism of cells.

Hair spa removes all the impurities that seep into the pores and repairs damaged hair.

Hair spa not only ensures that hair is growing steadily but also that it is shiny and vibrant.

The hair massages that hair spa incorporates helps people to relax to a considerable level. It can also be used to treat stress.

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Hair spa may seem like a short lived treatment, but the consequences last longer than expected; this is because the treatment works directly with the roots and therefore, promotes healthy hair growth.

Hair spa detangles knots, removes dryness and matting.

Hair spa stimulates the restoration of vital nutrients by way if moisturizing the scalps and producing a natural shine that starts from the roots to the tips.

Hair spa helps the skin to breathe easy. It not only rehydrates and rejuvenates the hair and scalp but also helps to improve softness and smoothness of hair.

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