IS activists claim catch of US weapons in Afghanistan


KABUL: Militants connected to Islamic State have discharged photographs that imply to show weapons and gear that had a place with American warriors and were caught by the gathering in eastern Afghanistan.

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The photographs, which became visible on Saturday, demonstrate an American versatile rocket launcher, radio, projectiles and other apparatus not ordinarily utilized by Afghan troops, and in addition close up perspectives of ID cards for a US Army trooper, Specialist Ryan Larson.

The US military summon in Kabul denied any recommendation the officer had been caught, saying he "has been represented and stays in an obligation status inside his unit." American unique operations troops have been battling nearby Afghan strengths in a reestablished hostile against activists who claim constancy to Islamic State in Nangarhar Province, which fringes Pakistan. "SPC Larson was joined to a unit directing a cooperated (operation) with Afghan Forces," US military representative Commander Ron Flesvig said in a messaged explanation on Sunday.

"The officer's ID and a portion of the hardware were deserted after the (operation). The loss of individual recognizable proof is deplorable." Furthermore, a senior Afghan police official viewed as one of the nation's most capable men has banned the utilization of the Pakistani coin in the key southern region of Kandahar.

The police head of Kandahar, Gen Abdul Raziq, said he has announced the utilization of the Pakistani rupee in business exchanges a wrongdoing. In any case, he says he hasn't yet settled on the discipline. The rupee has been broadly utilized as a part of Afghanistan's eastern and southern areas circumscribing Pakistan. The Iranian money is utilized as a part of the western fringe areas. "I'm not against business, but rather I don't need some other money to be utilized as a part of our nation, particularly the Pakistan and Iranian monetary forms," Raziq told The Associated Press Sunday. Raziq's boycott became effective a week ago.

Dealers said it had a quick impact, with the afghani reinforcing as of late. "This is uplifting news, as individuals have been confounded about what money they ought to utilize and keep," said Kandahar tribal senior and businessperson, Ahmad Shah Khan. He said the afghani had reinforced to 560 for 1,000 Pakistani rupees, from 630 for each 1,000 preceding the boycott. The official Central Bank conversion scale Sunday was 622 for each 1,000. The afghani has additionally fortified against the dollar, from 68 to 65 since the boycott was presented, merchants said. The official rate is right now 67.5 afghanis to the dollar.

Azrakhsh Hafizi, the leader of the global relations board of the Afghan Chamber of Commerce respected Raziq's choice and encouraged authorities across the nation to embrace the boycott of remote monetary standards. The utilization of the US dollar in exchanges somewhere else in the nation, including the capital Kabul, ought to likewise be banned, Hafizi said. "The national bank verging on consistently purchases afghanis in the business sector to keep up the steadiness of the Afghan money however in the event that we utilized just the Afghan coin everywhere throughout the nation there would be no need," he said.

Raziq's turn concurs with a cooling of relations amongst Afghanistan and Pakistan taking after the breakdown of a peace procedure started a year ago by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and the evident disappointment by Pakistani powers to move against Taleban pioneers accepted by Kabul to appreciate shelter over the fringe.

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