Shocking! Iranian lady passenger gets flight rerouted to India after finding husband’s affair mid-air


In a surprising incident, A Doha-Bali flight was rerouted to India on Sunday after Iranian lady passenger behaved badly on the flight. The incident occurred when she came to know that her husband was having an affair.

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As per the reports, the lady passenger checked the mobile of husband when he was sleeping and she got to know that he is cheating on her.

The Iranian woman was drunk at the time of incident. She began beating her husband and started fighting with crew members of flight who made efforts to calm her down.

When the condition got uncontrolled, the pilot took decision to reroute the plane to Chennai in India.

The couple was also having their young child on board. The flight recommenced its journey to Bali later.

The crew members of flight told the family to get down at Kuala Lumpur to take new flight to Doha from there.

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Qatar Airways stated, “In respect of passenger privacy we do not comment on individual cases.”