Iran detained three railway officials after a collision between two trains


Iran Arrests three railway authorities on Saturday after a crash between two trains that left no less than 44 individuals dead, the authority Islamic Republic News Agency reported.

"During the investigation, three people in charge of the northeast train control centre based in the city of Shahroud, were arrested," Provincial Prosecutor General Heydar Asiabi said.

Two trains collided and one burst into flames in the northern territory of Semnan on Friday, killing 44 individuals and harming dozens more, in one of the nation's most exceedingly awful ever rail disasters.

The crash occurred on the main line between Tehran and Iran's second city Mashhad.

One of the trains had stopped between the towns of Semnan and Damghan after an apparent mechanical failure, forcing authorities to stop others on the line.

In any case, when another move began at the control focus in Shahroud, the second prepare was permitted to resume its voyage, Hossein Ashouri, an Iranian Railways Company official told state TV.

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei offered his sympathies on Saturday for the "painful episode", which came only a day after more than 60 Iranian explorers were killed in a suicide assault in Iraq.