Iran demanded the release of three fishermen detained by Saudi Arabia


Iran on Wednesday demanded the release of three fishermen confined a week ago by Saudi Arabia, which guarantees the men were Iranian Revolutionary Guard individuals arranging an assault.

The interior ministry brought in an announcement for “the release as fast as possible of the three fishermen” kept in the Gulf by the Saudi coastguard.

Iran has denied the men are individuals from the Revolutionary Guard and blamed the coastguard for killing another fisherman when two Iranian boats strayed into Saudi waters on Saturday.

The service required the “punishment” of those in charge of the executing.

Riyadh said Monday it had caught three Revolutionary Guards individuals on board an explosives-loaded watercraft making a beeline for an oil platform in the Gulf and wanting to do “a terrorist act”.

The episode has expanded pressures amongst Riyadh and Tehran, main opponents restricted in an extensive variety of contentions all through the Middle East.