IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla stands with Anurag Thakur on ICC front


AIPUR: Rajeev Shukla made a comment on Thursday over Lodha Panel recommendations. He alleged that, "We have a special general body meeting on Saturday and the members will place their views there.”

Currently, The chief of Uttar Pradesh Cricket Association is in UP to enhance the confidence of his team members. In Ranjhi Trophy, the players of Uttar Pradesh will meet with Shukla.
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"In the last meeting, Lodha Committee's recommendations were taken up clause by clause," he said. "Members discussed each point and placed their views. There were objections against some of the clauses while others were accepted. Now, it is once again up to the members to decide which ones to accept." He asserted.

Since the last Supreme Court hearing, Shukla declined to made a comment over BCCI members. He said, "We will have to wait for the Saturday meeting to understand that," he said. However, he did indicate that they had their eyes on the next hearing on Monday. "We will wait till Monday before deciding our future action."

A special meeting will be held on Saturday to talk about the orders of Supreme Court. An Affidavit letter has been formed by the BCCI to sent it to the ICC. "The members will be asked their views before the affidavit is filed," Shukla said.

Discussing ICC, especially Shashank Manohar, Shukla remained by Thakur's attestations that the previous BCCI president wasn't generally helping the Indian body's cause in his ability as the ICC director. "Our leader has made our position clear on that issue," he said. "There has been no collaboration in this way." Shukla additionally included that it would be an appreciated move if Thakur is given a prestigious post in the ICC."BCCI is an essential individual from the ICC and we have dependably been a piece of imperative boards, including the Finance Committee. We ought to be given due significance."

The IPL director does not feel that the Lodha Committee has condemned the lucrative T20 class in its report. "There have been a few proposals and we are investigating them," was all he would say.

Shukla said that the BCCI is not against playing Pakistan, but rather would pass by any order from the legislature. "The nation's security is fundamental," he said. "We are prepared to play against Pakistan, yet simply after we get approval from the legislature."

Concerning's turn to look for a rebuke against Thakur for his late remarks on Pakistan, Shukla said they ought to first ask themselves for what valid reason they are not in a position to have different countries. "They are allowed to request a rebuff or anything, however as a matter of first importance they ought to ask themselves for what good reason they need to play their home matches at impartial scenes," Shukla said. "They have a tremendous armed force, however wouldn't it be able to guarantee security to a modest bunch of cricketers? After the assault on Sri Lankan cricketers, why wouldn't they be able to guarantee different nations that it was a sheltered place for cricket?” he added.

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