IPF Test to avoid unwanted blood transfusion during dengue


The Immature Platelet Fraction (IPF) test amid dengue can avoid undesirable blood transfusion alongside the difficulties identified with it, a study by Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said on Monday. In the event that the IPF, an advanced parameter that measures youthful and along these lines reticulated platelets. In the event that the IPF, a present day parameter that measures youthful and in this way reticulated platelets in fringe blood, is high then there is no necessity of blood transfusion in a dengue quiet regardless of the possibility that there were introductory signs of its prerequisite, the specialists said.

The IPF level ascent as bone marrow creation of platelets increment. Accordingly, its estimation gives an appraisal of bone marrow platelet generation from a fringe blood test, likewise to how a reticulocyte check could give a measure of red cell creation. The study was directed on 50 dengue patients who had platelet number under 1,00,000/cumm and admitted to Ganga Ram Hospital a year ago.

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As indicated by rules, platelet transfusion is demonstrated when its check is under 20,000/cumm or if the patient has dying. The signs of transfusion were available in 18 patients amid the study. Nonetheless, just 12 patients out of 18 (66.66 for every penny) got fitting transfusion. In six of the 18 (33 for every penny) patients, platelet transfusion was conceded as their juvenile platelet part values were high. In this way the IPF anticipated platelet transfusion in 33% of the patients who might have gotten a platelet transfusion.

"This is the primary study in which we discovered Immature Platelet Fraction test valuable. IPF can be taken as a pointer of bone marrow recuperation from affront brought about by the dengue infection. Its qualities can be taken as a marker of prerequisite platelet transfusion. The same can be conceded if juvenile platelet part values are high, the patient is not draining and the pulse is steady," Jyoti Kotwal, administrator bureau of hematology.

Finding the utility of IPF in diminishing the requirement for platelet transfusion in vast number of dengue patients, the bureau of inside pharmaceutical and the hematology office are utilizing the test to screen platelets in dengue patients. South Delhi Municipal Corporation, the nodal office for keeping up a record of dengue and chikungunya cases, said Delhi so far has seen more than 400 instances of dengue and chikungunya each.

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