IOS 10 lets third-parthy app developers integrate Siri with their apps


iOS 10 lets third-parthy application designers coordinate Siri with their applications. This permits fascinating potential outcomes, for example, utilizing Siri to send WhatsApp messages, or request a taxi. Despite the fact that Siri is better and quicker, regardless it isn't awesome at perceiving Indian English intonations. Notwithstanding, if Siri comprehends what you're stating these new components could spare you a great deal of time. 

For this to work, head to Settings > Siri > App Support. At that point gift access to all applications that you need to utilize Siri with. Once you've done that, look at our top picks of applications that utilization Siri, in the rundown beneath. To utilize the applications, simply advise Siri to utilize them in your orders.

1. WhatsApp
Hugely popular chat app WhatsApp now lets you use Siri to send messages and place calls. The next step would be allowing Siri to read out messages too, but that feature isn't available yet.
Download WhatsApp

2. Zomato
Everyone's favourite restaurant discovery app now lets you search for restaurants via Siri. Craving for burgers? Just ask Siri to find some via Zomato.
Download Zomato

3. Fitso
Fitso is a fitness app made in India. It now allows you to use Siri to start workouts.
Download Fitso

4. LinkedIn
LinkedIn now lets you send messages via Siri as well, so if you use this feature often, go ahead and download the app.
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5. Zova
Apple Design Award winning app Zova now lets you start workouts, runs, or stretches via Siri.
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6. Zoho Notebook
Zoho Notebook is an excellent made-in-India notes app. It now lets you use Siri to pull up photos stored in the app.
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7. Canva
Canva is an image editing app. It lets you search for images via Siri.
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8. The Roll
The Roll lets you organise your camera roll. You can ask the app to find images of say, beaches, via Siri.
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9. Swingmail
Need Siri support in a third-party email app? You might want to try Swingmail. You can use Siri to send emails.
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10. Trails: Outdoor GPS Logbook
Want to track outdoor activities such as hiking, canoeing, or just plain and simple jogging? Trails lets you start recording directly via Siri.