Introduces new law for end wastage of food: Italy


The Italian government has introduced a new law which will both hugely cut food waste and help the country’s most unaided. The new measures aim to cut at least one million tonnes of food waste from the current five million tonnes the country produces yearly.

Mostly, it is based on the principle of rewarding good behaviors among citizens and businesses instead of punishing bad ones.The moves will see Italian businesses given incentives to give away custom food, with the amount of waste tax payable reduced the more a business donates. That’s expected to benefit the countless people in Italy struggling to put food on the table. The provision was greeted by food charities.

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“With the new law, we now aim at doubling the tonnes of food we gather and distribute (to other charities assisting poor),” Marco Lucchini, director-general of Italian Food Bank Network foundation, told local media.

Expect to reach one million tonnes in a few years, from some 500,000 tonnes.

One million Euros will be set aside for research into packaging that prevents spoilage in transit and that preserves foods for longer, making them more likely to be used. One survey found that 64 percent of Italians would prefer less packaging in general. The package removed some technical hurdles about the laws that supermarkets, shops, and farmers had to follow in order to donate food to charity.

Finally, the new law encouraged the practice of the so-called “doggy bag”, which allows diners to take home food they have not finished in restaurants.

The practice has never been common among families dining out in Italy. Yet, a pilot project called “The Family bag” promoting this habit was launched by Italy’s Ministry of Environment in Feb. 2016 in the northeast province of Padua, and would be extended nationwide.

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