International Yoga Day: Biggest Yoga Chain Formed in Mysore


To get the name in the world’s very famous record book named Guinness World Records 8 thousand 387children made a chain in front of famous Mysore Palace in India to perform yoga. They were successful in this event but was their plan successful to get the name in the book or not will be declared after three weeks.

Before this, on November 14,  2014  the record was made of about 3 thousand 849 students in Sriperumbudur of Tamil Nadu 3 years ago. This was the longest yoga chain in 3 postures. But this time more than 8 students and 44 schools in Mysore participated and made the longest Yoga chain. The people of Mysore are willing that their names are published in the record book.

According to the instructions of the yoga instructors, school children entered the premises of Mysore Palace and stood in the spherical position. According to the protocol of the Guinness World Record, there were two attempts to build the longest yoga chain after rehearsal. Children participating in this record included 4 types of posture like Veerbhadrasana, Trikonasan and Virbhadraasan.  All broadcast channels were also present there.

Drone cameras were installed to take aerial photographs of this whole event. Also, the official timekeepers were kept, who supervised the entire event and program. Participants participating in the record took 10 seconds to do an asan and within forty seconds they were finished with their forty asans. It took about two and a half minutes to make the longest  yoga chain  of 40 asans.