International community should support Dhaka’s efforts for social stability says Jaishankar


New Delhi: Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar on Friday said that a state cannot escape or avoid responsibility for promoting terrorism by saying it is non-state. S Jaishankar today batted strongly for international support to the Sheikh Hasina government on Bangladesh for its effort to ensure social stability to prevent terrorism.

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He didn't take name of Hasina. He said that the government in Dhaka should be supported for efforts to ensure a secular, pluralistic social fabric. Responding to a question on terrorism concerns in Bangladesh, he said “there are concerns…and that’s why international community should support the government. This is not the time to be critical,” he said.

He criticised Pakistan over its tacit support to terrorism in the garb of non-state actors. Speaking at the 2016 east west media conference, in Delhi, he said, “The state cannot escape it's responsibility by saying its (done by) non-state actors. This is a false dichotomy.

Acting against some groups cannot be a pass to support some other groups, he said. US Deputy Assistant Secretary for ‘Public Affairs, Public Diplomacy, Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs reminded that there are no good terrorists and her government is working with all partners against terrorism.

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