Interesting health benefits of Curry leaves


Spices are being used in our country for thousands of years, but today we are talking about curry leaves. Curry leaves are used to increase flavor and aroma in the food, but today we are going to tell you how curry leaves are beneficial for our health:

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Beneficial in stomach related diseases:

Many times, because of our spicy intake, indigestion becomes a problem. To get rid of this problem, heat ghee, cumin, curry leaves, one and a half spoon dry ginger and a little water and drink it. If you want, you can take little honey after drinking it.

Remove chest cough:

Due to changing weather, we feel the problem of cold and chest cough problem.  To get rid from this, mix 1 tsp honey in 1 tsp curry powder and make paste. Consume it for two consecutive days.

Control blood sugar:

To control blood sugars, boil curry leaves water daily and drink it. In addition, this decoy also protects you from diseases of anemia and heart.

Reduces overweight:  

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Anti-bacterial and anti-fungus present in it help you to reduce obesity in a natural way.