Interesting health benefits of Black Salt


Black salt is found mostly in every home. Black salt contains vitamins, sodium chloride, iron, magnesium and antibacterial properties that are beneficial for our health. Experts say black salt rather than white salt is more beneficial.

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So let’s know the advantages of black salt:Related image

  1. Bad digestion causes many problems like constipation, acidity and abdominal problems. So to overcome this problem black salt is beneficial. So after lunch drink one glass of warm water with black salt mixed in it. This will help in proper digestion. Moreover adding black salt in fruits, salads and lemon juice also benefits our health.
  2. People who feel very little hungry. Black salt is also very beneficial for them. It increases the appetite by eating it in buttermilk, curd or salad.Image result for hungry
  3. High cholesterol levels cause many heart-related problems and also increases blood pressure in the body. So to overcome from this problem, add black salt to your daily diet. This will balanced cholesterol levels in the body.Image result for high cholesterol level in man
  4. Because of change in weather, cold and cough are the major problem. So to get rid from this, consume one glass of warm water with black salt mix in it.Image result for cold and cough

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