Intelligence Department gave 80 alerts to UP Government about Jawahar bagh


Mathura: The bloody conflict on June 2 in Jawahar bagh killed 29 people including two police officers. Almost a week later, Uttar Pradesh government blame intelligence department on the failure for the deadly Mathura clashes on June 2.

The truth is that the government intelligence agency has sent at least 80 inputs and alerts but the government and the police did not take it seriously. According to information, the incident had nothing to do with intelligence failure.

Munni Lal Gaur, chief of Local Intelligence Unit. Mathura said we have alert the state government not twice but 80 times inputs about jawahar bagh. The government was alerted over the impending danger but the government ignored it.

He further added that we dispatched 80 reports, consisting of demi-official letters and notes. They were sent on different dates. Sometimes, we dispatched four reports, sometimes five in a single month, depending on the situation. But no one paid any attention.