Instant messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ to add new font


WhatsApp the most desirable messaging App is looking to add a new font to its iOS and Android app, users will get new experience of chatting with one another , As Whatsapp always go for innovation adding on new features ,this time its font.  

 This new version will be available via Google play’s beta program .

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Whatsapp will allow its users to use a different font for chatting. The font – FixedSys is similar to the one in Windows with the same name.

This decision has been taken by Facebook- owned WhatsApp so that it can make its platform convenient for the users. It also sports a ‘quote message feature’ which allows its users to quote specific messages and reply to them.

Whatsapp will also add GIF supports to its iOS app.

Months ago, WhatsApp had introduced its new feature of sharing documents like PDFs and Doc files. Moreover, WhatsApp is working on a new ‘video calling feature’ which will be released soon for the users.

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