Indore boy made his country, made himself the King and his Father the PM


New Delhi: It may sound strange or a joke to hear you, but this is reality. A young man from India has done the job by creating his own new country. This young man’s name is Sudesh Dikshit. It is a resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Indore. Suyash Dikshit has made a flag on 800 square miles of land between Sudan and Egypt and has become the king there.

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Describing himself as the king of the area, Suyash Dikshit has appealed to the new country from the United Nations. And it is being said that Suyash has said that he has created a website and asked people to take citizenship of this country and make an application.

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This place extends to 800 square miles. Suyash has been entitled to his title at this place. Suyash wrote on the Facebook account that the capital of Kingdom of Dikshit will be Suyashpur. And the Prime Minister of the country will be my father. It has also been said to make Lizarhi a national animal.

After declaring himself a king, he has flown the flag too. This area is full of desert.