Indonesia’s Papua: Plane with five aboard reported missing


A small plane with five individuals on board has disappeared in Indonesia’s easternmost area of Papua.

Melkianus Kutta, leader of the nearby search and safeguard organization, said the airplane from PT Associated Mission Aviation disappeared on a short flight from Wamena, the capital of the mountainous district of Jayawijaya, to Derakma in neighboring Nduga area.

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He said the Pilatus Porter PC-6 took off at 11:00 a.M. (0400 GMT) and lost contact minutes before it was booked to arrive at around 11:25 (0425 GMT).

On board the air ship were two pilots, one Indonesian and one from the Netherlands, alongside three Indonesian travelers.

Flying is one of the fundamental transportation implies in the hilly and jungle clad easternmost territories of Papua and West Papua.