Indonesia holds greatest drill in South China Sea


Indonesian authorities say the nation is holding its biggest military activity close to a portion of the debated islands in the South China Sea. 

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"We need to demonstrate our presence in the region. We have an adequate flying corps to go about as an impediment," representative for Indonesian aviation based armed forces, Jemi Trisonjaya, said on Tuesday. 

China and Indonesia have "over-lapping cases" to waters close to the Natuna island chain and the two nations' angling pontoons have been included in a progression of face-offs. 

In June, Indonesian President Joko Widodo propelled an uncommon battle to support angling, oil investigation and protection offices around the gas-rich territory. 

More than 2,000 flying corps work force are participating in the two-week long work out, which closes on Thursday. Trisonjaya said the drill incorporates the arrangement of Indonesia's armada of Russian Sukhoi and F-16 contender planes. China claims power over nearly the whole South China Sea, which is additionally asserted to some degree by a few Southeast Asian nations, including Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Philippines. 

The earth underneath the challenged waters is accepted to be rich in oil and gas. 

Indonesia is not part of the question in the South China Sea, yet has protested Beijing's incorporation of waters around Indonesia's Natuna islands inside a "nine-dash line" China marks on maps to demonstrate its case on the water. 

In June, President Widodo held a bureau meeting with the Indonesian remote pastor and the head of the military on load up a warship off the Natuna islands to affirm the Southeast Asian nation's power over the sea region.

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