India’s first Confucius classroom will come up in Kolkata


With increasing interest for learning Chinese language and culture, India's first Confucius classroom will come up in Kolkata next year.

"Businessmen, as well as young students also want to learn Chinese. Understanding the language without understanding the way of life won't be of much help and that is the reason we require this classroom," said Charisma Saraff, central of the School of Chinese Language.

Confirmed by the Chinese government, this will be the first Confucius classroom in India she said including, they are bringing 10-15 educators from China as faculty.

Classes will begin from middle of next year and will have the ability to take around 800 students before the end of 2017.

"Confucius is a way of life. Most people in China do not follow any religion, they just follow a way of life as part of their culture. We are trying to promote that. Not just language, but we will also teach culture, literature, geography and other aspects of life in China," Saraff said.

For instance, she said numerous Indians who are wanting to work or study in China don't know how to eat with chopsticks.

"We need to show them these subtleties," she said including a few schools in the city are as of now offering Chinese dialect as a discretionary subject in their educational programs.

The Chinese office is additionally arranging a training show in the city in which 30 driving Chinese colleges are partaking. Conspicuous among them is the Tsinghua University, which is positioned among main 10 universally.

The two day show will end tomorrow at the Milan Mela grounds.