Indian TV Celebrities Who Are Featured In Forbes India Celebrity!


Not in India but in other countries of the world as well Indian TV actors have a huge fan following. Some of these actors are more popular than a number of Bollywood stars.

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Recently Forbes released its list of 100 Indian celebrities based on their earnings and here are few TV actors present on the list:

Image result for kapil sharma1. Kapil Sharma: Known as the king of comedy, Kapil Sharma is at 18th rank on the list with earnings of 48 Crores.

Image result for sunil grover2. Sunil Grover: Another comedian and actor, Sunil Grover is listed at 77th rank with earnings of 9.83 Crores.

Image result for Ali Asgar3. Ali Asgar: The actor and comedian is at 88th rank with earnings of 4.19 Crores.

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Image result for karan patel4. Karan Patel: Televion actor, Karan Patel is at 95th rank with earnings of 2.95 Crores.

Image result for bharti singh5. Bharti Singh: She is at 93rd rank with earnings of 3.25 Crores.