Indian student constructs Iron Man suit


Iron Man has a huge fan following and people dream of having the similar suit and enjoy the superhero status. Now, an engineering student from Kerala has made a fully-functioning Iron Man suit capable of lifting weights up to 150 kilograms.

Vimal Govind Manikandan, a final year Mechanical Engineering student at Calicut University, watched the Hollywood movie ‘Iron Man’ and desired to have the similar suit. His greater part of the inspiration came from the suit worn by people in the movie Avatar. Instead of just dreaming, he used his engineering knowledge and built the exoskeleton all by himself. However, the skeleton cannot fly as depicted in the movie but it can walk, run and lift up heavy weights.

The Iron Man suit weights nearly 100 kilograms and can lift weights of 150 kilograms with ease. It is also featured with a fantastic feature of battery-powered pressurized air chambers. Named as Abhijitha Jikumar, it is the first version or first prototype and with further enhancements, the suit will lift up more weight.

What’s striking about the Iron Man suit is that it costs just $750 and its makers have managed to make it relatively cheaper.

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While explaining about the suit, Manikandan said that as of now it is difficult to wear such heavy exoskeleton and walk, but his team is refining the suit and future versions will be smoother and easier to control. He further added that it is the second version of the suit and the first prototype was built last year in 2015.

He has published a paper on his mechanical suit in the International Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics and has presented his creation at the American Society of Research’s recent conference on Mechanics and Manufacturing.

Manikandan and his team believe that the suit can be used in future in various fields like security, military, household works and other works which require power.

This suit is way cheaper compared all the similar products available in the market. The team is working on the next version of the suit which will enhance the ability of the suit by several folds. As per the reports, they will improve walking ability and weight lifting capacity of the mechanical exoskeleton.

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