Indian Railways to introduce rail coaches with glass ceiling


With a view to modernize the old get-up of the traveler and express trains, the Indian Railways is set to present rail coaches with glass ceiling and infotainment systems, the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) said on Monday.

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The new train coaches with glass top ceiling has been mutually outlined by IRCTC, the Research Designs and Standards Organization (RDSO), and Integral Coach Factory (ICF) at Perambur (Chennai), and will be presented in chose trains from December this year.

"Three such coaches will take off from ICF in December this year. The primary mentor will be labeled in a customary prepare in the Kashmir Valley while the other two will be a piece of some prepare lurching through the beautiful Araku Valley (KK Line, Waltair station) on the South-Eastern Railway," said IRCTC Chairman and Managing Director A.K. Manocha.

He additionally said that the trains having such sumptuous mentors giving a flying perspective would be chosen later.

As indicated by IRCTC, these coaches, the first of their kind in India, are being fabricated at the ICF and each has an assembling expense of around Rs. four crore.

"The essential target behind such a venture is to advance tourism and charm upscale visitors from both India and abroad," Manocha said.

"There are a few trains with unreasonable impediment in remote nations, similar to Switzerland, which appreciate the support of voyagers. We accept such mentors would likewise give a fillip to rail tourism in India," he included.

Giving subtle elements of the venture, IRCTC's Group General Manager (Infrastructure) Dham Ghaj Prasad said the mentors with glass beat roof would be the first of its sort in India and would equal the best anyplace on the planet.

He additionally said that the work on the venture began in 2015. "The principal such mentor is good to go to reveal this month (October) itself. The mentors will be ultra rich with rotatable seats to give the travelers an airborne view through incompletely unattainable rank," Prasad said.

"Promote, the mentors will have sufficient leg space furthermore furnished with cutting edge infotainment framework for the advantage of sightseers," he included.

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