Indian-Origin man arrested for not performing the National Service


An Indian-origin man in Singapore was sentenced to six weeks in jail for not performing his national service obligations.

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Jay Kamal Shah, 22, was handed out the punishment yesterday for not performing the National Service, a statutory necessity for every male Singaporean to serve in the protection benefit for a long time, The Straits Times reported today.

He finished his studies in India and came back to Singapore in April a year ago and enrolled for national administration around a month later.

Shah could have been fined up to 10,000 Singapore dollars (USD 7,206) or potentially imprisoned for up to three years, was imprisoned for six weeks.

His legal counselor Rajan Supramaniam said in prosecution that Mr Shah held up until he had finished his examinations before coming back to Singapore to surrender himself so he would not be viewed as a "drop-out".

Asking for the court to force a fine, guide said Mr Shah had done well in national administration, and might consider a profession in the armed force.

He additionally said Mr Shah did not have the advantages and benefits of having a Singapore citizenship, having spent his whole life in India.

Prior, he was likewise given a one-week simultaneous correctional facility term for neglecting to enroll for national administration in March a year ago.

His Singaporean mother had attempted to apply for his national administration postponement however that was rejected.

She had likewise messaged the powers that she wished to repudiate her child's Singapore citizenship.

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