Indian-origin Canadian denied entry into US


An Indian origin Canadian girl was refused to give entry in US and insisted to get a valid visa if she wishes to cross the border on Wednesday.

The citizen has been identified as Manpreet Kooner, a native of Candian city of Montreal. On Sunday, she was interrogated at the crossing along Quebec-Vermont border after a wait for six-hours.

US citizen said, “An officer revealed to her that she was a foreigner without a legitimate US visa and asserted that the fringe operator advised her, “I know you may feel like you’re being Trumped”.

“Unbelievable. Refused entry to the States. Since I’m evidently an Immigrant who now requires a Visa to enter the States. While illuminating me that I can’t enter the States. The workplace let me know ‘I’ve been bested'”, she shared on her Facebook Page.

“Toward the finish of it, they disclosed to me I was not permitted going in and that I would require a visa in the event that I at any point went in the States once more,” Kooner said.

In December last year, she undergone through the same matter when a computer fault protected her in New York for about 24 hours.