Indian national Gurdip Singh got temporary relief from Execution


On Friday Indonesian government gives a temporary relief to Indian national Gurdip Singh who along with 13 others was supposed to be executed. Sources also conveyed that, while the dismissal team executed four drug criminals – two Nigerians, a Senegalese and an Indonesian – representatives conveyed that the fate of 10 others will be choosen afterward. Deputy Attorney General Noor Rachmad conveyed that, the executions will be carried out in steps. While the authorities did not give any specific reason for the amnesty, the prison island where they were predictable to be executed at was hit by a main storm. In Indonesia in 2004 Gurdip Singh was establish culpable of trying to smuggle 300 grams of heroin and was verdict to death by the state district court at Tanggerang in Banten province in February 2005.

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Afdhal Muhammad, the legal representative of Gurdip Singh was of the view that he can file for presidential clemency under the relevant law before the President. Singh’s wife conveyed that staff from External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj’s office contacted the family and guaranteed them that they were doing their best to rescue him. Foreign Ministry representative Vikas Swarup conveyed that Gurdip Singh has the right to appeal to the President of Indonesia for leniency. The embassy has asked the Indonesia administration to appear at all legal options. Sources also further conveyed that, in 2014 President Joko Widodo who was elected and campaigned on assures to get better human rights in Indonesia. Amnesty International called the executions violations of Indonesian and international law. Previous year also, Indonesia executed 14 drug convicts.

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