Indian motorcycle denies reports of discontinuing scout sixty


Indian Motorcycle has denied reports of discontinuing the Scout Sixty model from the India market. We had revealed before that Indian might be planning to stop the Scout Sixty, after new GST costs seeing a 12% reduction in costs of the Indian Scout. But now Polaris India, which markets and sells the Indian Motorcycle brand, has affirmed that there are no plans to stop the Scout Sixty. The Scout Sixty is available in the market and would stay in the Indian line-up, Polaris India expressed.

The Scout Sixty looks near identical to the Indian Scout, and is a nice mid-size cruiser. The Scout Sixty valued at ₹ 11.99 lakh (ex-showroom), and with the new GST costs, the Indian Scout is presently estimated at ₹ 12.99 lakh (ex-showroom), making it just ₹ 1 lakh more costly than the Scout Sixty. The Scout Sixty is powered by a 999 cc, v-twin motor which makes 78 bhp of power and 89 Nm of torque and gets a five-speed transmission. The Indian Scout,  on the other hand, has a slightly larger engine displacing 1131 cc with peak power of 100 bhp and 97.7 Nm of peak torque, and has a six-speed transmission.

Indian Motorcycle offers a total of nine models in India, and so far, new GST costs have been declared for only three models – the Indian Scout, the Indian Chief Dark Horse and the Indian Chief Classic. So far, the organization has not declared new costs of the other six models in its India line-up.