Indian Embassy will help you, even if you’re stuck on Mars: Foreign Minister humours twitter user


If you are in a foreign land, the Indian embassy is your companion – Sushma Swaraj today changed her catchphrase for Indians over the world to pass on, light-heartedly, that as far as her government is concerned, even space is not the final frontier.

“Even if you are stuck on the Mars, Indian Embassy there will help you,” tweeted the Foreign Minister this morning.

Her post seemed to humour one Karan Saini, who joked in a tweet about being “stuck on Mars” without food and questioned when India’s next Mars mission was due. Along with Ms Swaraj, India’s space agency ISRO was tagged on the tweet.

The minister’s response to the tweet has drawn 2,200 retweets and more than 4,500 “likes” in less than an hour.

Among the individuals who reacted to Mr Saini’s comment were the individuals who criticized him for “mocking someone’s good work”.

Mr Swaraj is among the government’s most responsive ministers on Twitter and is known to reply directly to tweets by the individuals who are either stuck in trouble – or even the individuals who are prone to using their social media posts to draw the minister’s attention.

The minister has more than eight million followers on Twitter and is widely appreciated for her personal engagement with the individuals who ask for her assistance, be it for passports or visas or to return home from conflict zones.

Recently, Ms Swaraj reacted to a Pakistani man who required a medical visa for his infant son’s treatment in India. “No. The kid won’t suffer. Pls contact Indian High Commission in Pakistan. We will give the medicinal visa,” she guaranteed in her tweet.

Recently, the minister said she would personally monitor the response of Indian missions abroad to SOS messages.