Indian Cabbie Attacked In Australia


An Indian taxi driver is in hospital in the wake of being attacked in Australia’s Tasmania by a couple who additionally shouted racist slur and stated, “You f****** Indian, you deserve it.”

The driver said he had gotten the couple on Friday night around 10.30 pm and was going to a McDonald’s drive-through. As indicated by him, the lady professedly continued opening the way to hurl despite the fact that he continued cautioning her about different cars.

The couple supposedly began abusing the driver and began kicking the vehicle to harm it, while shouting, “You f****** Indian” and “bloody Indian”.

The taxicab driver charged that the man punched him from behind, and pushed him to the ground and kicked him over and over.

Following a few minutes, a few people on foot supposedly hopped into help the driver and called the police and ambulance.

The sufferer has asserted that the police have not checked CCTV film from the drive-through, which could have identify the couple.

Another witness has approached to testify on behalf of the cab driver and has presented a video footage of the episode.