Indian Army’s ‘surgical strikes’ across LOC hit Pakistan bunkers


NEW DELHI: Indian soldiers carried out surgical strike along the 778-km Line of Control with “disciplinary fire attacks” against Pakistan army posts on May 9.

It was conducted after two Indian soldiers lost their lives in Krishna Ghati sector on May 1.

A video clip of the incident has gone viral on social media which showcases “direct firing mode” at Nowshera sector on May 9. The video portrays some forward observation posts of the Pakistan army being exploded across the LOC by Indian Army.

The video showcases loud explosions, heavy firepower from India hitting Pakistani post, gunshots, rocket launchers and anti-tank guided missiles, automated Grenade Launchers and recoilless guns.

“As portion of our counter-terrorism operations, reformatory fire attacks over the Line of Control are being carried out by the Indian Army,” Major General Ashok Narula, an army spokesperson stated.

“The Pakistan Army has been giving aid to armed infiltrators by involving our forward troops from their weapon emplacements and pill-boxes closer to the Line of Control. At times they have not even hesitated to target villages in the proximity of Line of Control. As part of our counter-terrorism strategy and to ensure that infiltration is curbed and initiative remains with us, the Indian Army proactively dominates Line of Control.” He added.

Defence Minister Arun Jaitley asserted that the government assists the assault.

“The Army is taking preemptive and measured actions to counter terrorism in valley and disengage Pakistani posts across LoC supporting infiltration,” he asserted.

In 2016, the surgical strikes was held on the Indian army camp that killed around 19 soldiers.