India witnesses World’s largest cargo plane heading towards Australia


Ukraine made world’s largest cargo plane ‘Antonov An – 225’ has departed from Kiev on Tuesday for its first commercial flight. It will land in Perth in Australia next Sunday. There is a 117 tonne Electronic generator in the plane which has to be delivered to an Australian mining company. During this journey plane will be stopped in Hyderabad in between.

– This 600 tonne cargo jet got 6 engines and has the capacity of 640 tonnes.  

– It is 84 meters long with 18.1 meters of height.

– Having a wing length of 88.4 meters, it has the landing gear system of 32 tires.

– It can carry the weight of two aircraft or could fly with 10 British tanks loaded.

– It can fly for continuous 18 hours without refueling.

– The only plane that has a double wing area as compared to the wing area of Boeing 747 plane.

– The wing area of Boeing 747 is 5825 sq ft where as this cargo plane ha the wing area of 9740 sq ft.

– Due to heavy load, the plane will stop in Turkmenistan, India and Malaysia to refill fuel in its journey from Kiev to Perth.

NASA had used this plane to carry Spaceship. And also this cargo had been used by the Soviet army for a long time.