India VS Sri Lanka 2ND ODI: Rohit Sharma scores sparkling third double century


In the second one-day match between India and Sri Lanka, Rohit Sharma scored his third double hundreds in his career. The team has given a target of 393 runs to Sri Lanka. In the first ODI match, Team India lost the game by 4 wickets in 50 overs

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The Sri Lankan team now needs 393 runs in the allotted 50 overs. Rohit has faced 153 balls in his innings that comprises of 13 fours and 12 sixes. He played an unbeaten 208 runs today. Earlier, Rohit Sharma clinched 264 runs against Sri Lanka in Kolkata.

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Rohit Sharma’s second double hundred was against world champions Australia. He made 209 runs in 2013. He played this innings against Sri Lanka in 2014. On the other hand, Shreyas Iyer scored 88 runs but Rohit left behind Sehwag in terms of a century. He had made 15 centuries in ODI matches.