India Meteorological Department To Issue Winter Forecast And Cold Wave Alerts



NEW DELHI: In a to begin with, the India Meteorological Department (IMD) will issue winter figure and cool wave alarms for the season from this year.

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The figure will be issued for the December, January and February.

“By November end this year we will be issuing winter figure for the season,” IMD Director General K J Ramesh said.

The IMD has been issuing storm estimate for more than 25 years now. This will be interestingly that the MET division will be issuing estimate for the winter season. It began determining notices of “extreme to exceptionally serious” heatwaves amid the late spring season this year.

IMD said that the gauge turned out to be helpful for individuals thusly great warmth wave advisories were issued well ahead of time.

Like summer, winter too is extremely unforgiving in a few sections of India, including northern states and the gangetic belt, asserting human lives each year.

“Like the mid year estimate where above ordinary temperature was critical, the winter gauge will give a general expense on whether the temperatures wide open to the harshe elements season will be ‘above typical’ or ‘underneath ordinary’. We will indicate which pockets are liable to expect underneath typical temperatures,” Mr Ramesh said.

Like the mid year estimate, the winter figure too will issue chilly wave cautions, which will be overhauled at standard interims.

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