India-Israel pact ring alarm bells in power corridors of Pakistan


PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Israel warned for trouble and need for action in Pakistan for several top government officials, defense analysts and politicians there considers that both Modi and Netanyahu must be plotting something against Islamabad.

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“Israel and India has long been involved in causing unrest in Pakistan. Modi’s visit to Israel and signing of defence deals is something Pakistan must be worry about,” senior official in Pakistan’s foreign office stated.

The hierarchy of Islamabad was abuzz with rumors that the India-Israel agreement would bring out to be the main danger to Pakistan’s subsistence.

“They (India and Israel) must be plotting against Pakistan,” Asif Kirmani stated. On the other hand,  Aamir Ghauri, London-based analyst and founder of South Asia Future Forum asserted, PM Narendra Modi’s stay in Israel after his meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington describe the curve of India’s global, regional and local foreign rule.”

“He appears to be playing his cards very skillfully in comparison with the Middle East by being clearly pro-US as the fight between Riyadh and Tehran increased again. However, It remains to be noted whether his incline towards the US convey as the US and its associates have a record of ditching partners in requirement. India may be an exemption,” Ghauri stated.

Before PM Narendra Modi’s meeting in Israel, India and the Jewish state had signed a agreement of USD 1.6 billion (Rs 10,400 crore) mega defence that increased various eyebrows in Pakistan. PM Narendra Modi and Israel PM not only sanctioned the agreement during Modi’s visit to Israel but also signed several other arrangements in the fields of agriculture and space technology that has disturbed various analysts in Pakistan.

Though, the defence pact between India and Israel is the main subject that has rung alarms bells in Pakistan. The reports revealed that Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will deliver advanced medium range surface-to-air missile (MRSAM) systems to New Delhi.

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Israel has long been a main supplier of arms to India but those agreements have intentionally been kept covert by India and Israel.