India faces problem of creating good jobs: Arvind Panagariya


New Delhi: On Sunday NITI Aayog vice-chairman Arvind Panagariya conveyed that, India is facing a problem of generating “good jobs” for its populace and the textile sector has a significant role in addressing difficulty.

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Panagariya further conveyed that the clothing industry within the textile sector offers good jobs at a relatively much lesser investment. Chairman also further added that there is a debate being going on for some time nowadays. Asserted that this India’s financial development has been a jobless expansion is fake. This cannot be reasonably accurate.

Yet, we do have a dissimilar job problem; jobs in the prescribed sector are in short supply. He further conveyed that, the textile and clothing industry is a place where good jobs can be created with comparatively limited investment.

He further conveyed that India has a lot of successful industries begining from auto parts, to automobile, pharmaceuticals, software industries, but all these industries are not vast job producers, they create jobs, but for the amount of investment that they do, not enough jobs.

Panagariya further added that clothing exporters who had invested Rs 35 crore and was supplying employment to 2200 workers. I think for Rs 35 crore investment, jobs to 2200 personnel that pay them about Rs 15,000 to 20,000 per month.

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This is where large volume of jobs can come…this is where the Textile 2017 fair is significant. Advocating the requirement to enlarge the textile industry, India’s share in global clothing industry is not very huge.