Increasing risk to Pak nukes from army not terrorists, says Shivshankar Menon


Washington: The “genuine danger” to Pakistan’s atomic weapons is from rebel components inside its military as opposed to from the fear based oppressor outfits, India’s previous national security guide Shivshankar Menon has said.

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Taking note of that psychological oppressors have less demanding and less expensive methods for wreaking ruin, Menon said the atomic weapons are mind boggling devises that are hard to oversee, utilize and convey and require abnormal state of abilities. “To my psyche, the genuine danger (to Pak nukes) is from insiders, from a Pakistani pilot or a brigadier who chooses to wage atomic jihad, with or without requests,” Menon writes in his book titled “Decisions: Inside the making of India’s Foreign Policy.”

“The hazard increments as Pakistan constructs strategic atomic weapons for war zone utilize, control of which will fundamentally be appointed down the summon chain,” he said. Menon says Pakistan is the main atomic weapon program on the planet that is solely under military control. “There are great reasons why no other nation went down this way,” he said.

Menon composes that India has atomic weapons for the commitment that make to its national security in a dubious and anarchic world by keeping others from endeavoring atomic shakedown and pressure against India.

“Not at all like in specific NWS, India’s atomic weapons are not intended to change a military adjust, or to make up for some apparent mediocrity in ordinary military terms, or to serve some strategic or operational military need on the war zone,” he notes.

While India has a proclaimed strategy of no-first utilization of atomic weapons, Menon in his book cautions that if Pakistan somehow happened to utilize strategic atomic weapons against India “even against Indian powers in Pakistan,” it would adequately be opening the way to a huge Indian-first strike, having crossed India’s pronounced red line.

“Pakistani strategic atomic weapons utilize would adequately free India to embrace a thorough first strike against Pakistan,” he said. “There are a few reactions shy of war accessible to a state like India,” he composes.

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