Include These Food Items In Your Diet To Overcome Anemia


Half of the women suffers from Anemia. It occurs due to the deficiency of RBC count or the hemoglobin level is below normal. The symptoms of Anemia are body shivering, sensation on the hands and legs, depression, memory loss, fatigue and weakness.

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This disease causes due to deficiency of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acid. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare a healthy diet plan which includes food items consisting vitamin B12, iron and folic acid.

So, here is a list of food items you can include in your diet to fight with Anemia.


Soybeans are great source of iron. The phytic acid present in them blocks the absorption of iron, that is why it suggested to  soak them in water whole night before cooking.

You just have to boil 1 cup of soybeans to get the everyday mineral requirement of your body. Also, soybeans are a low-fat, high-protein food that help diminish anemia.

Image result for soybeansWhole Grain Bread-

The high iron content in whole grain bread helps in fighting with iron deficiency. The 1 slic of whole grain bread contains about 6% of daily iron requirement. Other than this, whole grain breads are rich source of additional nutrients that helps the body to fight with many diseases and restore healthy biological functions.

Image result for whole grain breadOatmeal-

Oats too contain phytic acid which blocks the iron absorption in your body. Although, there are several variety of iron rich oatmeal in the market. Regular oatmeal is generally not rich with iron, while many instant oatmeal is fortified in iron.  Fortified oatmeal also contains B-12 and other B vitamins.

According to a research, 1 cup of fortified instant oatmeal prepared with water meets 60 percent of the required daily amount of iron.

Image result for oatmealRed Meat-

The category of red meat, such as beef and pork, contains a high amount of heme iron. These food products makes it easier for the body to absorb iron. One of the example of meat product is, ‘Liver’ which helps in boosting your blood with iron and B vitamins.

According to a research, more than 600% of iron and vitamin B-12 is present in beef liver.

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Eggs are very good source of dietary nutrients with a few calories. It is suggested, that egg supplies 11% iron to men and, about 7% iron to women. Therefore, drink 1 glass of orange juice with eggs. Regular consumption of eggs also helps build strong joints and bones.

Image result for eggsPeanut Butter-

Consume 2 tbsp of peanut butter which contains 0.6 mg iron. Peanut butter is a good source of iron.

Just include peanut butter sandwich, along with a glass of orange juice in your meal. The vitamin C in the orange juice will increase the absorption of iron contained in the peanut butter. If you do not like the taste of peanut butter, munching on roasted peanuts will do the trick.

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