Include these food habits to get slim body !


Sip Green Tea
Green Tea plays significant role in burning fat of a person. It contains rich amount of anti-oxidant content that assists you to reduce the extra calories. All you need to do, intake a cup of green tea on daily basis to reduce the extra calories. It also treats several diseases including Cancer and Cholesterol.

Consume Oranges
Oranges contains great amount of Vitamin C and fibre that increases the production of Carnitine in the body which crumbles the extra fat collected. Consume oranges as a complement in your daily meals. You can consume it in form of juice or in form of fruit.

Intake Whole Grain Bread
Whole grain bread has fibre and other necessary nutrients including protein, Vitamin E, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorous, manganese and zinc that is very helpful for body.

Eat Broccoli
Broccoli is a perfect zero fat vegetable that contains no calory. You can consume it daily as a supplement in your meal. One can also have it in form of salads or even eat it in regular meals.

Consume Yoghurt
Yoghurts contains rich amount of protein-rich supplements that provides several nutritional benefits. One can add fruits, cereals in yogurt to get the proper nutrition. Moreover, it will make your taste better. It is low-fat dairy product and is very helpful in keeping body fit and energetic.