In September Government is introducing Postal Payments Banks


New Delhi: Union minister for communication and Information Technology, Ravi Shankar Prasad, attended a Vikas Parv juncture at Michael John auditorium on Friday and said India is set to develop into a world leader. He conveyed that, state-run BSNL has earned an operating profit of Rs 672 crore for the first time in seven years and expressed confidence for better performance by the end of this fiscal. By 2017, India will have 650 postal payment banks and 1.30 lakh mobile ATMs, said Prasad. The country has achieved an annual growth of 7.6% in the middle of global hold back under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's management.

The electronic trail that the Centre has adopted to authorize the ample through a sequence of wellbeing programmers, Prasad clearness and trust are the hallmarks of the Modi government. Announcing that the country is currently witnessing a 67% enlargement in e-commerce, Prasad supposed the Centre is working pro-actively to make sure the country's 1.25 billion population is electronically associated. The telecom ministry has complete a physically powerful response by earning Rs 10,000 crore from beginning to end auctioning of range to mobile service providers," he supposed. He also supplementary that BSNL has registered nearly 2,000 crore in in service profit in the past two years. He conveyed that BSNL's landline income is rising by 4% and, at present, 23 lakh patrons are linking with the government-owned communication firm per day, which is much superior than the eight lakh customers per day recorded during the UPA government's occupancy. The role of middlemen has come to an end after the government decided to link Jan Dhan Yojana with Aadhar, while mobile phones keep people updated with information.