Importance of Shri Digamber Jain temple Sanganer


The antiquated Shri Digamber Jain sanctuary of Sanganer is 16 km from Jaipur. Sanganer town arranged 13-14 km south of the Jaipur City on National Highway No. 12, Kota – Jaipur Road. Shri Digamber Jain sanctuary Sanghiji is a gem of town. By Rail-Sanganer Railway Station is the closest. In this sanctuary the Principal Deity the Lord Adinath (Rishabh Dev), the main tirthankar should be 4000 years of age.

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The old Shri Digamber Jain sanctuary of Sanganer has fine carvings that are equivalent to the Dilwara sanctuaries of Mount Abu that are worked in many stages. Last period of this marvelous sanctuary was finished in tenth century A.D., as indicated by engraving of V.S. 1011 of every one of the arches (Toranas). It has high as can be “shikharas” (towers) and the inward sanctum is a stone holy place with out of this world eight Shikharas (Pinnacles). This sanctuary is seven storied.

The entire of the sanctuary is made of red stone with alluring pictures cut. Seeing the design of primary door helps the engineering to remember popular Delwara Temples of Mount Abu. Amidst of underground part, there is found an antiquated little sanctuary protected by the Yaksha (Devas) it is said that exclusive a Balyati parsimonious digamber holy person can just enter in it and ready to draw out the Idols of this underground sanctuary for a constrained period, which is announced and chosen beforehand. The symbols in this manner brought out for review (Darshan) of aficionados, must be set back with in promising signs.

The wonderful nij-mandir (internal sanctuary) is a stone place of worship with three apexes. In the middle is a symbol of Parshwanath with 7 serpent hoods. Surrounding it, are carvings of lotuses, creepers and elephants pouring water from pitchers held in their trunks. Yet, the fundamental icon is that of Adinath, introduced in the hallowed place behind this.

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Sanganer is not known for its choice Jain sanctuaries but rather it is an imperative place for artworks and hand-printed materials that is globally well known.