Importance of Buddha teachings!


Siddhartha or Guatama Buddha

Siddhartha or Guatama Buddha was one of the world's greatest spiritual figure. He originated from Nepal. He started Buddhism which spread to many parts of the world and inspired many. Yes, Buddha was indeed an enlightened soul who preached compassion to humanity. Even today, the teachings of Buddha make sense to us and they are relevant to human beings as long as human race exists on this planet.

Love Can Heal

The essence of the teachings of Buddha revolve around love and keeping the heart open. In fact, when you are filled with love, you seldom give room for any negative energy in you.

The Power Of Now

Buddha encouraged many to live in the present moment instead of living in the past or dreaming about the future. In fact, this lesson can even help us achieve our targets in the corporate world.

Katha Upanishad: This is story behind death!

Look Inside

The reason why Buddha urged many to look within is because he found the real treasure inside, not outside. Peace comes not for the one who can afford to buy all materialistic pleasures but for the one who looks inside

Let Go

The easiest way to enlightenment is by letting go of all desires. Clinging to even the desire to get enlightened is nothing but a shackle.

5 Basic Relationship Tips From The Buddha

Discipline The Mind

When the mind is not controlled, it tends to control us and this is how we fall in the trap. The mind can be a powerful weapon if trained but can also be a dangerous trap if it isn't disciplined.

Compassion For Others

Every being on this planet, both living and nonliving, is interconnected. There is interdependence and symbiosis in nature. Without the support of others, we cannot even survive. In such a world, selfishness makes no sense. Only true compassion towards others can heal this world. Buddha's teachings on love revolve around compassion as that is the only human quality which can save the whole human race from massive destruction.