Importance of Chintpurni Maa Temple


Maa ‘Chintpurni’ represents utmost power that assists to reduce tensions, hurdles and obstacles in life. As per Hinduism, it is sign of peace and strength. Mata Chintapurni Temple situated in Una in Himachal Pradesh is very popular and possess several devotees coming to pay Maa their good wishes.

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‘Chintpurni’ Maa is recognized as Chhinnamastika Devi or Mata Chintpurni. Maa assists all those people who are truthful and look to connect with the superior realm of awareness. Chhinnamasta Maa is the headless Goddess, who involves divine cosmic powers.  A honest soul can be able to take sincerest wishes from Maa Chintpurni.

Maa Chintpurni Temple is deemed as famous 7 Shakti peethas. In all, there are about 51 Shakti Peethas.

Image result for Maa ‘Chintapurni’It is considered that when Sati Maa self immolated herself to vindicate her significant other’s affront, Lord Vishnu cut her consumed body in 51 pieces with the goal that Lord Shiva could quiet down and put a stop to his Tandav. These 51 body parts of Maa Sati were scattered in different places in the Indian subcontinent. Where Maa Chintapurni’s sanctuary is assembled, it is trusted that Maa Sati’s feet fell here.

As she is otherwise called Chhinnamastika, in Markandeya Purana, it is said that when Maa Chandi crushed the numerous evil presences, her yogini symbols Jaya and Vijaya were as yet anxious for blood. Seeing this, the Goddess removes her own head and extinguishes their desire. Along these lines, she is the headless goddess.

5 life long practices from Lord Ganesha

Image result for Maa ‘Chintapurni’Bhandara at Maa Chintpurni Temple significance.

  1. Flexibility from strains and other common concerns
  2. Satisfying inward generally wants
  3. Look for profound awareness
  4. Accomplish moksha from avarice, desire, outrage
  5. Have a superior existence without sins