Importance of Bhrigu Samhita


Eighth manasputar of Lord Brahma, Maharishi Bhrigu was a tyke conceived from a desire. Likewise called the Prajapati (Creator), Maharishi helped Lord Brahma during the time spent formation of the universe.

Significance of Shri Suktam

Maharishi Bhrigu was depended with the duty of choosing the leader of a Yagya which was arranged by the incomparable Powers when they saw humankind enduring in view of profound agony and issues of regular day to day existence. He was given the errand of picking between Lords Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. His tryst with the three, Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh (hyperlink independently) is a through and through story in itself yet at last he picked Lord Vishnu as the set out toward that yagya. In any case, during the time spent picking, Goddess Lakshmi felt that Maharishi Bhrigu’s conduct towards Lord Vishnu was not reasonable so she reviled sage Bhrigu saying that she will never at any point remain in any Brahmin’s home and Brahmins will dependably get an optional treatment from individuals with Goddess Lakshmi’s elegance.

Goddess Lakshmi’s revile turned into a test for Maharishi Bhrigu who disclosed to her that he is resolved to make a stunning book of learning, each leaf of which will have Lord Vishnu and His beauty. Master Vishnu likewise acknowledged the demand of awesome sage Bhrigu and favored him that exclusive Lord Vishnu however all other God and Goddess will dwell in the leaves of that sacred text.

This is the manner by which Bhrigu Samhita got the favors of all Gods and Goddesses and contains the valuable age-opposing honest standards and standards. Bhrigu Samhita is the discussion between Lord Shukra and Maharishi Bhrigu composed by Lord Ganesha. Whosoever can comprehend the profundity of it; picks up tremendously in common and additionally otherworldly setting.

What is Bhrigu Samhita? Is it an alternate sort of crystal gazing than typical?

The ordinary soothsaying known by savants and rehearsed is ‘Parashari Astrology’. Aside from standard Parashari framework, three uncommon frameworks exist – a) Bhrigu Samhita, b) Lal Kitab and c) Nadi Jyotish. Out of these, Bhrigu Samhita is most seasoned, rarest and minimum accessible. A huge number of years back, incredible brahmrishi, ‘Bhrigu maharaj’ as affectionately known among divine beings, assembled horoscopes surprisingly who have ever lived on Earth or will ever live on Earth. It implies billions of graphs were gathered and anticipated!

Why is there only one sanctuary of Lord Brahma?

While picking the set out toward MahaYagya, Maharishi Bhrigu first went to Lord Bhrama in the camouflage of a Brahmin however Bhramaji was so occupied in composing the Vedas that he gave careful consideration to him. He got a handle on offended and of his sheer outrage, he reviled Lord Bhrama that he won’t be worshiped in this world since when He can’t see a man remaining at his entryway by what method will He see the issues of the mankind and resolve them. At the point when Brahmaji understood his habit, He requested that Maharishi excuse him and free from the revile. On this BhriguJi quieted down and said that Lord Brahma may be worshiped at one place in this world and that would be Pushkar. This is the motivation behind why there is only one sanctuary of Lord Bhrama in this world and that too at Pushkar.

Why we love Shiv through ShivLing?

Subsequent to meeting Brahmaji, Maharishi Bhrigu went to meet Lord Shiva and judge in the event that He could be the leader of the Mahayagya/Adhyapati for the prosperity of the mankind. Shiv Gana did not permitted Maharish Bhrigu to enter. At that point Maharishi Bhrigu with his profound forces came to realize that Lord Shiva was occupied in Streeraman, which made Maharishi Bhrigu furious and gave Lord Shiva the revile that in Kalyug nobody will ever adore you in this world.

Ruler Shiv asked for Maharishi to excuse him and disclosed to him that everything occurred out of sheer obliviousness and he had no reason for offending him. Listening this BhriguJi changed his revile and disclosed to him that in all Yugas, he would be worshiped through Ling and not in his unique shape. That is the reason we as a whole love ShivLing in the sanctuaries and not his murati.

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What is Bhrigu Samhita Lanchan on Lord Vishnu’s chest?

At the point when BhriguJi went to Vaikunth to check whether Vishnu was capable of doing the Yagya for the prosperity of the mankind, he discovered Vishnuji in SeeshSagar laying on his SheshNag and Goddess Lakshmi sitting close to his feet. Effectively irritated with the two Lords Bhrama and Shiva, Maharishi Bhrigu accepted Lord Vishnu as presumptuous and kicked Lord Vishnu in his chest. Vishnuji took this blow as placidly and woke up stressing over the foot of Shri Bhrigu. He collapsed his hands and inquired as to whether he was alright and after that took his material and began cushioning his foot. Master Vishnu’s care satisfied Maharishi Bhrigu and he chose Vishnuji as the one to be the leader of this universe. Master Vishnu disclosed to him that he will dependably convey his impression on his chest as a memory and will retain it as ‘BhriguLanchan’.