Importance of applying tilak on forehead!


The tradition of applying tilak on the head is quite popular since many years and it is derived from the Hindu culture. Tilak is applied on the forehead during every religious ceremony. Tilak is a part of tradition but only few people are aware about its scientific significance. The place where tilak is applied is called as “Agyachakra”. In astrology, it is considered to be the center of Jupiter. Check out the importance of Applying Tilak on the head-

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To achieve success, it is customary to apply Tilak of Roli, Turmeric, Chandan or Kumkum.

The black turmeric tilak should be applied when going for new work. With this you will succeed in the work. The person who puts rice on top of Tilak, Lakshmi always lives with her.

The person who applies sandalwood tilak whole day that person gets lot of food and money.

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Tilak with each finger has its own importance. Person who wants desires for salvation should apply a tilak with thumb, if person wants to perish the enemy then he/she should apply tilak from index finger, if a person wants to become rich and get peace, then he/she should apply tilak from middle finger and later with the ring finger.