Negative Impact every onion lovers can face on body!


Onion is one of the most delicious vegetable that everyone loves to consume. It involves lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which helps to provide lot of benefits to the body. It acts as a perfect medicine too. The presence of high levels of glucose and fructose increases the amount of sugar level in the body. Everyone is aware about the advantages of onion but nobody knows its negative impact on health. So, today we are telling you about its drawbacks, check out here:

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Excess intake of onion may lead to chest burn problems. It involves potassium that may cause irritation in the chest and led to cardio liver damage.

People who consume raw onions have to face embarrassment due to the bad odor of onion from the mouth.

Fiber present in the onion is very beneficial for the body but consuming it in abundant amount causes stomachache and constipation problems. It involves lot of fiber that is beneficial for body.

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Consumption of onion in high quantity can lead to cardiovascular system damage. So, take less amount of it.