IMA President: Chikungunya Patients need not be always hospitalised and can be treated at home


With no less than two chikungunya deaths being reported from Noida, Indian Medical Association's city president on Sunday said a man experiencing the vector-borne illness need not be constantly hospitalized and can be treated at home.

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"In chikungunia cases one needn't bother with hospitalization. Patient ought to counsel a doctor and take solutions at home," Dr AK Aggarwal, IMA Noida president and chief city doctor's facility said.

Ordinarily paracetamol tablets are given for fever alongside a hostile to unfavorably susceptible medication. Patients need to take a ton of liquids. Typically fever dies down in 4 to 5 days, he said.

Passing happens just in situations where there are different confusions of renal disappointment or different genuine afflictions individual was enduring before the high fever.

Mortality is more in people more seasoned than 65 years.

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