I’m honoured that a film’s titled after me’, says Hrithik Roshan


A Malayalam satire film titled 'Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan', has discharged to an incredible opening in the south. KHR stars Malayalam performer Vishnu Unnikrishnan and rotates around a trying on-screen character called Hrithik Roshan who originates from the town Kattappana and longs to wind up a hotshot like Hrithik as he is propelled by him. 

Says an insider, "Nadhirshah and Vishnu are quick to come to Mumbai to demonstrate Hrithik the film. The star is quick to watch it, as well, and is making sense of his date plan." 

At the point when gotten some information about his response to a film being made with his name and propelled by his prosperity, says, "I am regarded." 

He includes, "I didn't know about this film till many people on my Twitter timetable began discussing it. I am interested and charmed. I am being informed that it's done well, so might want to salute the creators."