IIT Entrance Exam will be not conducted in Pakistan


The entrance test of IIT exam will be carried out by Indian Institute of Technology in foreign countries from next year.

The test will be conducted in Singapore, UAE, SAARC nations but Pakistan is not on the list.

This decision has been taken to choose foreign students for its undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

IIT entrance test would be not conducted in Pakistan as the students are facing difficulties in obtaining visas for studying in India.

"Considering various factors, especially difficulties involved with regard to students procuring visas, it has been decided that entrance tests for IITs may not be conducted in Pakistan for the upcoming year" sources said.

According to officials, there will be additional seats allocated for foreign nationals, which will not reduce the seats available for Indian students.

"The entrance tests to the IITs abroad have been held till now only to admit Indian nationals. This is for the first time that it has been planned to admit foreign students through tests held abroad. It is aimed that the plan would be made operational from the JEE/GATE exams to be conducted in 2017," sources told Deccan Chronicle.