IIT Bombay bans 9 companies from placements..


New Delhi: IIT Bombay has blacklisted nine companies from recruiting. The institute has blacklisted the companies this year, based on four grounds those who revoked offers and were found to be fake with no proper office address; those that revoked offers; those that delayed the joining date of candidates and companies that came in for placements and hired students for another startup.

ICSI CS Executive and Professional exam June 2016 results declared at icsi.edu

The companies include Pune-based on-demand grocery start-up PepperTap, which is shutting down operations, and health tech start-up Portea Medical. Besides these two, Cashcare Technologies, China’s Johnson Electric and GPSK have also been banned for revoking offers.

The other ground for blacklisting, cited by IIT Bombay in a press release on Thursday, is the weak credentials of a firm. LeGarde Burnett Group “revoked the offer and the company was found to be fake with no proper office address,” it said.

Another firm Mera Hunar came with a different name and hired students for another start-up, while LexInnova and IndusInsight have been banned for delaying the joining.

This is not the first time that an IIT is banning companies. In May this year, Flipkart had an imbroglio with IITs after it deferred the joining date of recruits. The matter was settled after Flipkart came around and promised to take the recruits. Startups, at present, account for 20% to 30% of campus recruitments across IITs and IIMs.

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