Iftikhar Hussain Misger quits NC, raises anti-India slogans


Kashmir: The National Conference leader, Iftikhar Hussain Misger, who unsuccessfully contested in the recent assembly by election against the chief minister Mehbooba Mufti from Anantnag constituency, resigned from his party. Iftikhar Hussain Misger has quitted to join people in Islamabad town, the epicenter of the anti-India uprising in Kashmir.

Announcing his resignation from the NC on Sunday, Iftikhar Misgar said to the people of Islamabad town: “I am resigning and I am no more part of National Conference. You people are my security. I have withdrawn security and I am with the resistance movement,” he said, raising anti-India slogans. People welcomed him and raised pro-freedom slogans.

Iftikhar Misgar shouted, “Naare Takbeer! Allah-o-Akbar. Jis Kashmir Ko Khoon Se Seencha Woh Kashmir Hamara Hai (The Kashmir that we irrigated with our blood is ours), Bharat ka jo yaar hain, ghadaar hai, ‘Leke rahenge Azadi (we will get freedom at all costs),” he said.

Pro-freedom leaders of Kashmir had recently called for a social boycott of pro-India politicians, mainly those of the PDP, the Congress and the NC.

“I am pledging support to the ongoing freedom struggle,” Misger told the gathering. “I am also giving up the policemen who were guarding me.”He said he was officially resigning and giving up his security, “Security for my people is all I want.” Misger also joined the sloganeering youth and chanted anti-India and pro-freedom slogans. “We will take freedom from India,” Misger said.