If you want to meet the Ghosts then go these Places


The deserts can be eerie with the howling of the wind. But that’s not all that can send shivers down your spine in Rajasthan. If you have that nerve to keep your body and soul together then visit these places:

 Rana Kumbha Palace

Rana-Kumbha-Palace-ChittorgarhThe Rana Kumbha Palace of Chittorgarh is a place where you will definitely meet a ghost. Considered to be one of the scariest places in Rajasthan, the secret chambers and the scream of the ladies here, will haunt the shit out of you.

Nahargarh Fort

nahargarhNahargarh Fort stands at the edge of the Aravalli hills, overlooking the pink city of Jaipur. The walls of the fort were built sky high to disconnect the royals from the world. The grandeur of the palace cannot hide the spook of one of the most haunted places in Rajasthan.

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JagatpuraBeyond the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan, this tourist place has a haunted vibe attached to it. This is because the uncanny place is a residential area where people actually live with the witches.

The people living in the residential area have seen witches walking around the roads of Jagatpura. These witches look same as in classic Indian horror tales-white dress, old, grey hair hanging loose over the face. It is quite an eerie experience to walk after night here.

Bhangarh Fort

bhangarhBhangarh Fort, the most haunted place in India, does not need any introduction. This famous tourist place will spook the hell out of you! Even if it’s listed at the end here but it surely ranks at the top whenever we talk about any haunted tales.

Sudhabay, near Pushkar

sudhabaySudhabay is not a ‘haunted place’ in the classical sense of the phrase. In fact, it’s where people come to get rid of their hauntings. But, if by a haunted place, what is meant is some place that has evil spirits, Sudhabay certainly counts-at least on one day every year, the day of the ‘Ghost Fair’. For on this day, you can see people possessed by evil spirits coming here to take a bath at its well the water of which is supposed to be holy-a potent weapon to drive away the evil spirits.

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